About Nikki & Trusssardi

 The two of us have created this blog as a platform to share our love for fashion, photography, travel, food, fitness, inspiration, people and whatever else we can think of. “Our Style Adventure” is the best way to summarize our life.

Style is more than just fashion. Adventure is more than just traveling. We both grew up with various interests. We are people who can attend and dress for NYFW, play ball with the neighborhood kids on a summer weekend, or head up to Maine to go camping and fishing without any modern conveniences. We know when to work hard and when to relax.

Our ultimate purpose is to bring you more substance and awareness through our posts. We want to create a change, be the change in the world. Our ultimate goal in life is to help people. If this means helping you style yourself, offering advice on travel or opening your mind to current events that effect anything from the stores you buy from to the way you buy groceries, then that’s what we will do. Our Style Adventure wants to teach you why traveling is important and how to bring style into your everyday life(remember, style is more than clothes!). Discover how fashion is changing(for the better) and how you can support it. And finally how to live a healthy, fashionable and happy life filled with love and adventures.

I know that all sounds so lovely, and you may think it sounds all a bit too fluffy, however we are not just making this “blog” to show you our beautiful life together. Sure we will be posting a lot on our fashion, our travels and ultimately our life. With that being said, we ultimately want to help you. As a man and woman you are able to get both male and female perspectives on style. We can offer you personal styling advice  at all levels. We can show you how to shop ethically, inexpensively or tell you when to invest. We will share our health secrets and our favorite restaurants. Traveling? Well we’ll give you tips on that too.

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