Happy New Year Everyone!!! It's 2016!!!

It's always amazing how time goes by. 2015 has been a been a big year of change for us. We traveled to Maine, hiked the white mountains in New Hampshire and camped in tents in Acadia National Park. The two of us celebrated an official year together, I went back to school at FIT after a year away and Trussardi left his position at Giorgio Armani to pursue his entrepreneurial ventures. On top of that I finally bought a bicycle and Trussardi learned to ski!

For New Years Eve the two of us attended a friend's party in Washington Heights. We enjoyed catching up with friends, listening to a mixture of music(our friend is a DJ) and dancing along through the night.

Every New Year I write my list of New Year's Resolutions. Last year, Trussardi and I decided to make a list together. The list included things we wanted to achieve together and now looking back we crossed off a few things off! Anyways, like I said 2015 was about change. We learned a lot about each other. In 2016 we want to take things to the next level. This website is part of that next level. So let's do it 2016!!

- Nikki & Trussardi

Here are our 5 goals for 2016!

1. wake up earlier

We've been saying this to each other for a month or so now, but we've yet to successfully do it. Our goal is to be early risers(we'll tell you why later!). Right now we've been the night owls, so maybe 2016 will wake us up! 

2. run a half marathon

For the past 2 years I have run a 10K however this year I want to take it to the next level and Trussardi wants to join me! We want to take it to the next level and run a half marathon.

3. date night once a week

Everyone has busy lives and it's easy to get tied up in work. Trussardi and I are always on the move and even though we're together, it doesn't mean we're really spending quality time together. It's important to make quality time in the week to spend together. We're gonna do this by setting aside one night a week to go out or make dinner together, talk and relax.

4. live in California for a month

We've talked about this a few times and it's something we both want to experience. Trussardi and I are both East Coat kids but we've always felt drawn to know what the West Coast life is like. This year we want to move there for a month just to test the waters.

5. keep this blog updated!

Aha the last resolution! Although right now it seems like it's planned, staying consistent is always harder than it sounds. Our goal is to bring you consistent, quality content every week!

Below are photos of our New Years Eve looks as well as a few of our individual 2016 resolutions.

newyears_eve_3 newyears_eve_2 new years eve


1. "run 3 times a week"

I love to run, but it's easy to get off course (and by off course I mean no course at all..). We have a goal of running a half marathon this year and so I want it to be a personal goal to be running at least 3 times a week. And that includes after the race too!

2. "get a new tattoo"

I currently have 1 tattoo on the back of my neck that I've had for 2 years. I've been thinking about this for a while and this year I want to get another. I plan on having my mum draw me a flower. You'll hear more about this later!!

3. "become "good" at yoga"

Listen, I'm not trying to be the next yoga teacher- master- whatever. I just want to practice consistently enough where I feel comfortable in poses, because when I do practice yoga, it feels great and overall, I feel stronger. .....so maybe I can try one "slightly cool" pose.

new years eve


1. "open my own studio"

I want to open up my own creative work space. I'm currently building a team of people from photographers to marketing and advertising. My studio will be a place for creatives to come together and build content.

2. "make more money than I've ever made before"

By this, I mean my goal is to be financially free in the sense that I can help other creative and talented individuals such as myself. I want to have the freedom to take on new projects and help people become the best them possible.

3. "explore a new national park"

Last year I had the great experience of camping at Acadia National Park in Maine. I want to go back there again this year, but I also want to explore a new National Park. Yosemite National Park in California is definitely one of my top choices.


new years eve new years evenew years eve new years eve

new years eve new years eve

new years eve

new years eve

new years eve