Every year I go to my family's camp in Eustis, Maine. Trussardi joined me last year and has now joined me again this year. Camp is a special place because it is far down a dirt road far far away from any type of modern society.  There is no phone service, no internet service, no true electricity and no plumbing. Now imagine, in a world where toddlers are now brought up playing with their parents phones, and everyone is constantly glued to their devices 365 days a year, how its like to be completely detached. Not many people can truly experience that nowadays but we believe it is truly important to do so.

Why should you take the time to do this? To completely remove yourself from modern technologies? Because there is so much more to life than that. Trussardi and I spent the weekend refreshing our minds and truly letting ourselves relax. What do you do when you don't have a phone in your hand? Well for one thing, you don't have to stress about a dying phone! You also become aware of how much time you have and what it's being used for.

our style adventure camp

We woke up early, having tea and cinnamon rolls (baked by my grandmother) while waiting for the rest of the family to wake up and have breakfast. After breakfast (and doing dishes) we enjoyed catching up on reading before heading out to explore.

Trussardi learned to play horseshoes and defeated the queen of the game(aka my aunt).

horseshoe trussardi gordon

We explored the falls which you can access by hiking down a short but very steep unmarked trail.(we updated it by marking it with tinfoil!)

FullSizeRender 5

our style adventure nikkihirst

Taking an ATV up to the top of a cleared mountain top? Is that Canada in the background? Yes, life can be that beautiful.

In the late evening we enjoyed fishing as we watched the sunset reflect over the water.

Now you can't celebrate the 4th of July with no we brought our own! My father and uncle are the kings of fireworks and always bring a bunch for us to set off all weekend!

Finally, I didn't photograph it but the stars at camp are undecribable. There is absolutely no light pollution up there so you can everything. I encourage everyone reading this to go out and travel somewhere distant so that late at night you can watch the stars and see them like you've never seen before. Nature is so beautiful and in the world we live in today it can be taken for granted. In New York City where Trussardi and I live, we are lucky to even see a few stars at night.

When the night sky opens up, your mind will follow.