Today I decided to do something that I have not done in what seems like way too long, and that’s to finally wear one of my blazers again. And if you are curious as to how long is “Too Long”? Try close to a year. And this was not  because I did not own one or didn’t want to wear one, but instead because I was trying something new and wanted to switch things up a little, to challenge myself “Style Wise” for the new year.

However to be completely honest, seeing so many sharp individuals walking the streets with their tailor double vented blazers had me missing my own.

I find it amazing what a simple, well fitted blazer can do for any outfit. That is why I encourage purchasing pieces that fit your body type well, instead of what you think looks cool (Which is exactly what I have been experimenting with for most of this past Year). And over time, you will find that your outfits will start to have a more refined and overall tailored look to them.

-Trussardi Gordon

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What I am wearing:

Hat : Stefano

Jacket : Club Monaco

Lapel Pin : Club Monaco

Shirt : Suit Suppy

Jeans : Armani Jeans

Shoes : Rossetti

Jewelry : Sneakerheadfamous

Bag : Custom Made