Trussardi and I started our 4th of July weekend taking a road trip through Maine starting from my hometown of Kennebunkport heading north all the way to my family's camp in the quiet and unknown town of Eustis. The give you an idea of Eustis, let's just say their town moto is "Get Useless in Eustis". The trip totals about 4 hours, however Trussardi and I managed to stretch that out to about 7 hours due to several necessary stops.

The first stop was Trader Joes in Portland, Maine where we picked up all of the necessities for our adventure. (road trip snack + camp snacks + breakfast ingredients) Please note: Nikki + grocery shopping = long time. So we didn't start moving from there until 2pm.

We made our way making several stops to take photos, including a farm with many friendly cows grazing in the front yard.

ourstyleadventure roadtrip ourstyleadventure roadtrip

We then made the essential half-way point stop in Farmington, Maine to enjoy some Gifford's ice cream. Flavor of the week: Strawberry Cheesecake.giffords icecream giffords icecream 2

After ice cream, we managed to drive pretty far before stopping at Flagstaff lakes, which, is pretty hard not to stop at. We stayed here for a while taking many photographs and video. (yes, stay tuned for the video!)

ourstyleadventure roadtripFinally, we made it to Eustis, we stopped at a variety store/gas station known as "The Pines" or as I like to call it "the last point of service". Normally, this is where you make your last calls and IG posts before heading off the grid to the camp, but this time the service wasn't allowing internet! So.....we turned back and took a short drive back to Flagstaff to get our last posts in.

By 8pm we made it to the camp where my family welcomed us. My aunt and uncle then asked if we had accidentally drove to Canada because they had passed us much earlier on the road but we were pulled to the side of the road taking photos! (no surprise)

Note: we actually did get lost because we thought we had passed the camp road...(it was dark, the road is barely marked) so we turned around only to realize we didn't go far enough!