Father's day is right around the corner and it only seemed right to dedicate a look featuring a sweatshirt straight from my fathers closet. About a month ago on a trip home to Maine, I had to ask my dad for an extra layer after feeling the springtime evening chill outside on our porch. Little did I expect him to pull out this sweatshirt, which he almost thought I wouldn't want to wear. After stopping him from putting it back, I grabbed it and threw it on and haven't let go of it since. (he had no idea when I told him I loved it that he would not be getting it back..)

  My dad has always been in my eyes "the cool dad". He's been riding his Harley Davidson Motorcycles for as long as I can remember (in fact, my mum told me he wanted to name me Harley...) and has the best collection of (what I call vintage) band tees and worn down Harley sweatshirts, of which he lets me borrow from time to time (I will take them all one day). If I were to buy any of his pieces in NYC they would cost me over $100 a piece (I told him this and he was shocked). I never thought that his "style" would reflect into mine but it has and I couldn't be happier. Whether it's an old came jacket from his Marine days to his Rolling Stones concert tees, I'll be repping this "dad style" for a long time.

For this look I wanted to cool the flames down with some white denim, a vintage pair of earrings I found at a flea market and the classic black leather moto jacket.

Let me know if you guys ever borrow clothes from your parents!

- Nikki

nikki hirst our style adventure

I added this heart shaped watch to sweeten the moto look.

nikki hirst our style adventure

nikki hirst our style adventure