It doesn't happen everyday that your best friend babysits a puppy for the weekend so you better believe I made a visit (plus it was her birthday too...). Personally, I'm a dog person, I always love how much energy they have and even if you are having a bad day, dogs will always come cheer you up(um hello puppy therapy). Anyways, while stopping by I could't help but see these plants (yes, I know they're half dead) and see the perfect opportunity to shoot this outfit.

I'm wearing silk shorts and a cotton top, perfect for a hot summers day. Everything I've been wearing lately is thought about with the idea of "how comfortable am I going to be on this 9'something degree day?" and when you add the idea that you live in NYC, the concept of heat, turns into ick. So here are the results.

our style adventure nikki hirst

and finally...the puppy!


hat - hat attack

top - zara

shorts - club monaco

sandals - madewell