what is my style definition?...let me try to explain...


I do not define myself to "one" one style. You could see me on the streets one day wearing loafers and a top hat and another day with sneakers and a Supreme logo like below..

To me, personal style is about knowing what's trending and why, but also when to keep things classic..

trussardi gordon

Style is understanding colors and patterns and knowing how to mix the two in your own special way. I used the earth tones of my loafers/jewelry/notebook/belt and hat, to compliment the somewhat "loud appearance" of the chino. Then added the all white shirt as a base color to give the look an overall light and casual feel.

... and oh!

I used the flower in the hat as a visual pop! :)fall menswear cashmere hat scarf and hoodie

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

To me, style is looking and feel cool...

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset street style new york

Style is trying to enjoy every moment, even if you're cold and wearing loafers and a summer cotton poplin blend suit with a t-shirt...

men style club monaco hitachi tretorn pyrex club monaco

style is taking risk...mens tretorn sneakers style pyrex club monaco

style is knowing how to create and pull off any look...

mens streetstyle zara pants ysl sl10 sneakers

style is understanding how to use color...

mens zara shirt club monaco pants loafers

style for me is a certain attitude...

menswear club monaco shirt

style is being calm even with people watching... trussardi gordon

And finally, style is being true to who you are despite all odds because I find it's great to get inspiration from all different sources. One should never forget that what ultimately makes you truly great and unique at anything in life, is that special something that you add to it all.

P.S There is more to what style means to me than I could ever write. For me my definition of style and what it means to be stylish is a collective of all my experiences and knowledge I've collected throughout my life and that changes as my experiences do.